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Funky Coup | Korean Soul, Funk & Rare Groove Nuggets 1973-1980, Vol. 1

Funky Coup | Korean Soul, Funk & Rare Groove Nuggets 1973-1980, Vol. 1

SKU: CR69050
  • 180gram double vinyl set
  • 25 essential Korean soul / funky tracks reissue for the first time on vinyl, including 2 unreleased tracks
  • Remastered from the original master tapes by Dave Cooley (Elysian Masters)
  • Newly illustrated artwork by Aoyama Tokio & typography by Kim Sang-man (Parasite, Lady Vengeance)
  • 4-page color insert with Korean / English liner notes

This compilation brings together, for the first time, the hottest soul / funk gems that moved the clubs and dancefloors during one of the darkest chapters of Korea's modern history under the Yushin dictatorship. It serves as a perfect guide to proto K-pop, featuring various hits from era-defining divas, relatively less-known rare tracks, as well as two previously unreleased instrumental tracks. These tunes offer an excellent primer on how soul, funk, jazz, and disco were adapted to Korea at the time, with most of the tracks sourced from the original master tapes (6 tracks sourced from vinyl).


  • A_1_Beauty Girls (feat Devils) _Milyang Arirang_MSTR COMBINED_4416
  • A_2_Kim Hajung_Promise_MSTR_4416
  • A_3_Okhee_What can I do_MSTR_4416
  • A_4_Yoon Bokhee_Give it up_MSTR_4416
  • A_5_Cha Dokyun_Are you alright_MSTR_4416
  • B_1_Lee Janghee_Crying girl_MSTR_4416
  • B_2_Mujigae Quintet_Family Affair_rehearsal_MSTR_4416
  • B_3_Okhee_Dont need a word_MSTR_4416
  • B_4_Yoon Sooil and the Cotton Candy_Heart waving_MSTR_4416
  • B_5_Oasis Sessions (Min Jihee) _Where ru going_MSTR_4416
  • B_6_HyeEunyi_MSTR_4416
  • C_1_Devils_Hey J_MSTR_4416
  • C_2_Kim Sungae_Day after day_MSTR_4416
  • C_3_Kim Hyejung_Its raining night_MSTR_4416
  • C_4_Yoon Sinae_Needlessl_MSTR_4416
  • C_5_Moon Jiyoung_Love_MSTR_4416
  • C_6_Insooni_MSTR_4416
  • C_7_Norman Sessions_Open the door_MSTR_4416
  • D_1_Hee Sisters_Like a bird_MSTR_4416
  • D_2_Nami_Franco Romano_MSTR_4416
  • D_3_Lee Eunha_Loving Heart_MSTR_4416
  • D_4_RBS Orch_Walking alone in Myoungdong_MSTR_4416
  • D_5_Choi Heon_Youre so beautiful_MSTR_4416
  • D_6_Kim Trio_Long goodbye (_MSTR_4416
  • JungMin and the Green Frog_ 청개구리 의 꿈 (Memphis Underground)
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