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NOME NOMA | Québec Post-Punk et New Wave 1979-1987

NOME NOMA | Québec Post-Punk et New Wave 1979-1987


Trésor National is a Montreal-based record label dedicated to reissuing long lost gems Quebec’s rich musical past. Its third release revisits the ’80s and moves beyond the Safety Dance offering a new perspective on Quebec’s unique avant-garde milieu which electrified Canada’s alternative scene.

NOME NOMA is a new language standing at the crossroads of Glam Punk and Synth Pop. Its two solitudes Anglophone and Francophone united in their desire to loosen up a province that’s still searching for its identity. They are pioneers and free electrons innovating beyond the fringe on these 13 tracks that are previously unreleased or literally impossible to get a hold since the 1980s!

NOME NOMA includes ambitious and influential bands whose scarce 45s and LPs have since become collectors treasures pleasing fans of Power Pop (Magnum The Chemicals), Punk (Blue Oil The Wipers), Post-Punk (VEX Pop Stress), Minimal Synth (Les Frères Pogo The Plugs), Dark Wave (Ralph Mashats), as well as New Wave (Demars Kaméléon Leyden Zar).

The compilation includes a track from Quebec’s first-ever all-women punk band Blue Oil as well as unreleased tracks by VEX Les Frères Pogo & The Chemicals.

Snotty and hypnotic NOME NOMA kicks off a new Trésor National compilation series that will explore this very fertile and eclectic scene.

A second volume is already scheduled for 2021.

The ’80s are far from over…

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